Homeless Kits for the Car

The homeless and the poor are all around no matter where we live. I am always conflicted about giving money, as I grew up in San Francisco and saw too many pan-handlers and drug-addicted folks. My Dad always took people to the grocery store or a fast food place and would buy them a meal or two and share Jesus with them if they were receptive. As a woman and a mom, I have always been hesitant to take a stranger shopping, so I would buy a few extra groceries and bring a bag out to the man, woman, or family on the corner. Recently, I heard this great idea: keep kits in the car to pass out to those in need on the streets. The idea can be scaled up or down depending on budget or trunk space. One way to maximize, is to have a group of women (a bible study or small group) each buy a bunch of one thing, and make a ton of kits at once to share. 

Suggested items:

-Inexpensive canvas tote or nylon backpack (shown) (walmart, craft store) 

-Pair of socks and or flip flops

-A comb or small brush

-Toothbrush and toothpaste 

-Tissue packs

-Travel sized pain reliever

-Bandana for sun protection

-Unisex deoderant

-Water bottle (refillable if you find some on sale perhaps)


-Non-perishable food items

-Cleansing Wipes




-Gloves for inclement weather

-Tract or mini bible