How to Make: Gentle, Antibacterial, Stone-Safe, Countertop Cleanser

Mommies in general are pretty hesitant to use chemical or unknown substances in our homes where we eat with our kiddos. So many of the pre-made options are laden with unknown chemicals, and some react poorly together- as we may learn the hard way with fumes and harsh etching on our surfaces. I am a huge advocate for natural cleansers. My cupboards are full of: white vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, castile soaps and all things cheap and natural. The hardest part for me in getting my counters clean was knowing that they were both safe to eat off of (free of harmful chemicals), and sanitized to kill lingering bacteria that can hide in porous surfaces.  This is my tested and true blend for my marble, soapstone, and granite surfaces:

Counter Spray:

1/3 cup rubbing alcohol

4 drops of dawn or castile soap

6 drops of essential oil of your choice (I use lemongrass) to scent 

Fill the rest of the sprayer to the 20 oz mark and give a vigorous shake before spritzing and wiping with muslin, or microfiber.