He Has Come

What would Christmas be like without Jesus? There would be no manger and no star of Bethlehem. No shepherds and no wise men. There would be no Mary or Joseph?  In fact, there wouldn’t even be a Christmas without Jesus…for He is Christmas.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Without His birth He wouldn’t have died and without His death there would be no salvation. And without salvation, we would be hopeless.  Depending upon our best efforts, our charitable gifts, and our kindness alone to get us to heaven. We could go on and on about what life would look like if Jesus had never come.

But, He has come, and for that we have much to celebrate. The solution to our greatest problem in all the world was born 2,000 years ago in a cold, dark, cave on Christmas day. For that alone we have much to rejoice in today. We may not have many gifts to give this year, much money to spend or a nice house to entertain in, but what we do have is worth far more than all those things put together. We have the greatest gift ever given…Jesus! He has come to give us life and that more  abundantly.