Make Jesus Seen in 2014!

This is my prayer for myself and for you in 2014!  May we let Jesus be seen this coming year. How do we do this? How do we show the world that Jesus is our Lord? We let our lights shine though our lives and our words. We say to the world by the way we live that there is a difference in us...and that difference is Jesus! We may be the only Bible that some people ever let's represent Him rightly!

The closer you are to Jesus the more you will take on His likeness. You will naturally speak forth His words and mimic His actions. It's like a marriage....the longer you are married and the closer you are to each other the more you take on the likeness of your spouse. You begin to finish their sentences and you may even begin to look alike! This is the same thing that happens with Jesus. We take on a different appearance the more we're with Him. As we learn of His ways from the Word of God it takes root in our lives and changes us from the inside out! We may even begin to look different physically...softer and kinder as the rough edges are sanded away by His loving kindness.

We also can make Jesus seen by the way we live. As we draw closer to Jesus our standards begin to change. What we once saw as acceptable is now not pleasing to Jesus. The movies we once saw, the music we previously listened is defiling and not edifying to us as Believers.  We are called to a higher standard. The things we used to do are not to be part of our new life with Christ...and people take notice. The key here is to not make others feel condemned by their lifestyle, rather we are to pray that the Lord may convict them and that they may desire a new life in Christ.  Whether we want to admit it or not...people are watching us. The closer you walk with Jesus, the more you are watched....and the great your influence. Are you praying for some family or friends to get saved? Let your life show that Jesus is worth leaving the world behind. Let others see His love, His peace, and His joy in your life. Are we called to be prefect? NO...we will continue to make mistakes and have trials and tribulations that refine our character...but this is only to mold us even more in to the image of Jesus Christ.

Often times it's how we handle these distressing times that say so much to the world whose looking on. Do we still freak out like we once did? Do we turn to substances as we once did? Or do we weather the storm with Jesus in our boat and watch as He calms the seas of trials that enter our life? No believer is exempt from storms. In fact, the closer you walk with Jesus the more storms you will face. But, be encouraged you are not alone in your boat. As with the disciples who freaked out when caught in a storm on the Sea of Galilee...only to find Jesus asleep in the boat. Jesus does not freak out during storms...He is at rest...knowing that He is drawing out our faith and refining our character. 

Whatever you do...don't hide your light, rather let it shine from the hilltop. Much like a lighthouse, we are to to shine brightly as to lead others to safety. "Let your light so shine among men that they may see  your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." (Matt. 5:16)  Our motive should always be to point people to Jesus and not to us. We are not the standard ...He is! As we concentrate on  making Jesus Seen in 2014 lets remember to have our walk match our talk. Be above reproach in all things, be mindful of those who are weak and could be easily stumbled, and seek to let our life radiate the love of Jesus Christ.  Lets enter this next year with anticipation as we make His name known and allow others to see Him in and through us! Many Blessing in this new year!