SELF- Expenditure

Have you ever asked; "What's my purpose in life?" It's a deep question and one that's asked by every human being at some point in life. As Believers we too ask this same question from time to time. Oswald Chambers said about the purpose of man; "His purpose is not the development of man, His purpose is to make a man exactly like Himself, and the characteristic of the Son  of God is self expenditure." It's like being squeezed like a grape Chambers says. To expend means to lay out, use up, or consume. Self expenditure would then mean to lay myself out, use myself up and be so consumed in someone or something else that there was no ME left! John the Baptist said a similar thing in John 3:30 " Lord, less of me and more of You." Mary of Bethany broke a box of precious and expensive ointment on Jesus' head and the disciples ridiculed her saying it was a waste. But Jesus commended Mary, saying that whenever the gospel was preached this act would be spoken of as a memorial to her." I wonder what extravagant acts of devotion we have shown to Jesus that others have observed and will speak about as a memorial to us?  Believers are watching and waiting for someone to be wholly devoted to Jesus and follow their example. I wonder what can be said of our life? Am I expending myself for others look on what do they see? What do they say? Mary was willing to do something that no one else was. She expended herself and her resources to show her great love and devotion to her Lord and Savior.  Mary held back nothing to show her great love for Jesus. She was willing to lay her future on the line, to set it all aside to worship Jesus. This great act of devotion was not only a great example to Jesus's closest followers, but also an example of what it costs to follow Jesus closely. He wants a completely surrendered heart. He wants utter abandonment of me in exchange for all of Him... and He wants self expenditure. This is why Mary of Bethany is spoken of still today. She serves as an example of what true worship looks like. She was wholly devoted to Jesus and because of it she had an intimacy with Him that is still spoken of today. She knew what others didn't . This tells me that the closer our walk with Jesus is, the more we are willing to sacrifice for Him! May we expend ourselves for Jesus. May we see that the closer we walk with Him the more we are like Him. It's not our development that we are working toward, but His envelopment! May we be so enveloped with the love of Jesus that He is all we see!