Getting Our JESUS Glow!

"When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, his face was radiant and they were afraid to come near him."- Exodus 34:30

We read of the account in Exodus of Moses coming down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets in hand and a shinning face for all to see and often wonder what Moses face looked like...was it scary, red, and glowing...or was it shinning and illuminating the peace of God, the love of God and the face of God? To radiate means to be shinning light or heat from an object. In this case it was Moses' face that shone so brightly that people were afraid to come near him. What made his face shine so distinctly? It was being in the v
ery presence of God that brought about this special glow...for we read that whenever Moses would go into the presence of God he would unveil his face and when he went before the people he would veil his face as not to draw attention to himself because the radiance of his face was so distinct. As we read this, the obvious question is...HOW do we get that same glow? The answer... the same way Moses did! We go into the presence of God and commune with Him as Moses did. But, for this communion to take place we must come to Him humbly, honestly, openly and without any unconfessed sin.

I have discovered in my own life that if I come to the Lord expecting to hear from Him...I will! I have learned, like Moses, that in order to enter into the presence of God I must first confess my sins, for sin separates us from God. Once I have confessed my sins the gateway to God is open. As I begin to praise Him I enter the Holy place in the presence of God where the glory is found. When I am in the presence of God it is warm and bright, much like Moses' face. As we enter holy ground we speak to the Lord and we also take the time to listen to what He would say to us. Many of us miss this most precious and valuable part of our prayer life...forgetting that communion with God means it's two way...a dialogue and not a monologue. Taking time to listen takes discipline and training. We must wait upon Him and be sure the gateway is not hindered by anything. If we want our Jesus glow we must go to God unhindered by sin and expectant of hearing form Him. Go up the mountain today and get your glow...that all the world may Jesus in you and He radiates through you!