Never Stop Digging

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Sometimes we can become discouraged in our walk with the Lord. We can feel as though we are not making any progress... we may at times feel as though we are even going backwards! God allowed a time of famine to occur in the land in the time of Issac as a means to move him on to a new land where he would be a foreigner. He would prosper in this new land, but he would also be despised and rejected.

We read in Genesis 26 that Isaac reopened the wells that his father Abraham had dug and he restored the name of his father. But he was met with resistance from the other shepherds who filled in his wells... so he moved his whole family and dug again. Again, they filled his wells! With each move Isaac was met with arguments and hostility. But that didn’t stop him! He moved his whole family and all his servants and dug a third time! The third time was the charm! He found an open space and dug another well and there was no arguments or hostility over it! Isaac settled in Beersheba where the Lord appeared to him and reminded him that He was with him and not to be afraid! When things get difficult and we are met with continued resistance we can often give up and stop digging.

We may stop reading our Bible or going to church, and that’s exactly what the enemy wants! He wants to stop us. He wants to make us fearful and to paralyze any work that the Lord is doing in our lives. But, we cannot be bullied... we must continue to dig no matter how many times our well is filled! Not matter how hostile or how argumentative people are... we keep going... keep moving and keep digging! And if we do, we will reopen the wells of the living water and restore the name of the Lord Jesus!

We will be met with resistance as we dig, but we will also be met with reassurance that our Lord Jesus is right there with us encouraging us to keep going and to not be afraid! The response of Isaac in the end was that he built an alter and worshiped the Lord! May we have this same kind of persistence that Isaac had no matter the resistance! Whatever you do... Don’t stop digging! Genesis 26:17-25